$1.3 million supercar smashed into building while trying to show off

In a video posted on Reddit, the driver of a 789-horsepower McLaren Senna decided to show off to the public and slightly lost control, Tengri Auto reports. Fortunately, no one was hurt.Showing off for the camera while driving a supercar is not a good idea. The video shows the Senna rolling down a boulevard in Los Angeles before showing off the donut to a crowd standing in the middle of the street. After which the driver loses control and drives into a Lexus dealership.

Not only the car dealership was damaged, but also a Toyota Camry parked nearby. The entire front of the supercar is crushed inward, the passenger side door is slightly open, and the front right wheel is turned outward.

It is unknown who exactly was driving, but Reddit users pointed to the well-known car blogger Mondi in California, who posted a video of the purchase of the same McLaren Senna just five days ago.

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