Tokayev congratulated Kazakhstanis on Victory Day

President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev congratulated the people of Kazakhstan on the 79th anniversary of the great Victory, reports. “On May 9, we bow our heads to the memory of those who did not return from the battlefields, sacrificing their lives in the name of peace and tranquility on our land. We pay tribute and gratitude to veterans – front-line soldiers and home front workers,” the president noted. The head of state emphasized, that Kazakhstan made a huge contribution to the common Victory, the triumph of justice and freedom on Earth. "The military and labor feats of our compatriots during the Second World War serve as an example of incredible courage and true patriotism for the younger generation. We will always remember and honor the sons and daughters of our people , thanks to whose dedication and valor we can live, work and raise children today, make and implement plans for the future. Health and prosperity to all fellow citizens! Happy Victory Day!” reads the text of the president’s congratulations.

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