Dozens of men broke through the border in Transcarpathia

Dozens of men broke through the border in Transcarpathia

Photo: Vitaly Glagola / Telegram. The truck on which the Ukrainians broke through the border to Hungary

The GAZ-66 truck ended up on the territory of Hungary. Local border guards detained 32 Ukrainians.

In Zakarpattia Oblast, a GAZ-66 truck with black military license plates broke through the state border. Hungarian border guards detained 32 citizens of Ukraine. This was reported by the spokesman of the State Border Service of Ukraine Andriy Demchenko.

Local journalist Vitaly Glagola was the first to report the breach of the border in Transcarpathia in Telegram . According to him, the incident occurred on June 9 in the area of Kosino and Velyka Byygan. Video cameras recorded that a GAZ-66 truck with black military license plates 4736 A1 was moving from the field road through the field in the direction of the border. Later, the car was found on the Hungarian side, and all the passengers left it.

Glagola also published a photo of the truck that breached the border.

“Regarding the illegal crossing of the border by a group of people with the involvement of a vehicle in the area of the Mukachevo detachment, all the necessary checks are currently being carried out. The movement of the truck towards the border across the field was recorded with the help of technical means of monitoring the area. The response group found the tracks of the car in the direction of the neighboring country. Later, the neighboring party reported that they had discovered a vehicle and detained 32 Ukrainian citizens,” said Demchenko.

According to him, Ukrainian border guards have detained several persons who may be involved in the illegal movement of these persons across the border. They are checked.

Demchenko clarified that during the inspection it was not established whether the car belonged to military formations. Currently, the Hungarian side has not yet handed over the detained citizens to Ukraine.

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